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Works4sure: Higher conversion, faster results

Works4sure is the web design and development studio of Christiaan Hemerik, an expert in designing for what matters most: your end user

What makes us different?

We focus on the area where the goals and needs of your users meet the goals of your business. We then create and maintain the perfect balance. That's #ftw.

So, if you want faster, more useful results, have a small budget and don't want to waste precious time waiting on one design proposal after another? Then hire us. It'll be worth it!

Featured projects -what we've been working on lately

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  • Mom in Balance

    Provides a unique concept of outdoor workouts for mothers-to-be and other women on various locations. We redesigned and built its website, using the ExpressionEngine CMS.

    Mom in Balance
  • Dagtickets

    Founded by Leisuree, Dagtickets provides e-tickets for over 25 theme parks, zoos and museums across Europe. We redesigned its website to meet its growth from the user’s point of view.

  • Rides

    Founded in 1998, Rides provides independent information for more than 200 theme parks, zoos, museums and attractions throughout Europe. We redesigned its website from the user’s point of view.

  • My

    Want to drive a brand new lease car tomorrow without the usual hassle? We redesigned to make it more user friendly and improve its conversion rates.


    Part of Handsome Fashion, this online store sells a not-your-typical selection of clothes for kids in all ages. We designed and built the site using the Tradingeye platform.
  • collects discount and coupon codes from all over the web on a hourly basis. We were approached to redesign its WordPress -based website to become even more succesful.

    Being the very first holiday auctions site in the Netherlands, this site now handles thousands of visitors a minute. We redesigned and optimized its user interface.
  • Mobility Service Nederland

    M.S.N. is a market leader on the Dutch car lease market. We redesigned its corporate website (launch spring 2011), working together with our partner

    Mobility Service Nederland
  • EECI2011 USA

    The fourth incarnation of EECI will take place in Brooklyn, NY in October 2011. We again designed its website, working closely with our partner Whoooz! Webmedia.

    EECI2011 USA
  • EECI2010 Europe

    Organized by Whoooz! Webmedia, EECI is the key conference for everyone using and working with the ExpressionEngine CMS and the CodeIgniter framework. We designed its website.

    EECI2010 Europe
  • Groeten uit

    Exams coming up? Send your fellow class mates a kick ass e-card. We designed this website to be as attractive and easy to use as possible. A project by Leiden University.

    Groeten uit
  • Pink Pearls Amsterdam Dating

    International lesbian network Pink Pearls Amsterdam asked us to design its website and develop a custom dating application.

    Pink Pearls Amsterdam Dating
  • Actie van de

    Attractively priced deals for holidays, wellness- and day trips valid for one day only. We redesigned this succesful website to make it easier to book and improve conversion rates.

    Actie van de
  • Zuid Afrika Travel

    Zuid Afrika Travel is based in two countries and specializes in ‘hand made’, personalized holidays to beautiful South Africa. We redesigned its website to improve conversion rates.

    Zuid Afrika Travel
  • Olie Media

    Based in beautiful Groningen, Olie Media publishes many well known websites such as, and many more. We redesigned its website to be more representative.

    Olie Media

    The company behind succesful travel websites like Vakantie asked us to redesign its heavily outdated corporate website, running on WordPress.
  • Zakelijk Internet Aanvragen

    XS4ALL is the largest ISP in The Netherlands and uses this seemingly ‘stand-alone’ site to improve conversion on internet solutions for small business owners.

    Zakelijk Internet Aanvragen
  • Medix Publishers

    Medix Publishers is a small publisher and consulting agency for medical specialists. We were asked to redesign both its identity and website, which runs on WordPress.

    Medix Publishers
  • Lange Voort Shopping Centre

    Existing out of more than 50 shops, this Oegstgeest based shopping centre needed a brand new overall website. Designed and built using CodeIgniter.

    Lange Voort Shopping Centre
  • EAZZY Active

    Eazzy is a leading company in Dutch child care/daycare. We designed its identity, its logo and several brochures and flyers. handled printing.

    EAZZY Active
  • Camping De Ruimte

    This camping and caravanning park has no obstructions for even the most severe handicapped people. We built its website and designed lots of print work.

    Camping De Ruimte
  • Picture Vakanties

    Picture Vakanties offers holidays and day trips for physical impaired people. We designed its logo and an amazing variety of print work such as flyers and folders.

    Picture Vakanties
  • LEV! Loopbaan-begeleiding

    A one-man consultancy agency that acts as a guide for those who feel limited in their current life/job and need directions. We designed and built its site.

    LEV! Loopbaan-begeleiding
  • Pharma Marketeer Blog

    Pharmamarketeer is a succesful online magazine for anyone working in the pharmaceutical section. We designed its website and built it using Wordpress.

    Pharma Marketeer Blog

Why choose us? -you have good reason to

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We design for your users and their needs

Prototyping thumbnails

We focus on the end user from the beginning through intensive research, interviews and user testing with working prototypes in stead of endless lists with requirements. That way, we locate problems early on so we can fix them before they even exist. This saves you time, but definitely money as well.

We work closely with all disciplines involved

Brainstorming with the client

We can partner up with your team - on site, if necessary. This ensures that all the disciplines involved stay on one and the same line, throughout the project. We don't keep secrets; transparency is what matters most to gain results quickly. We can work from anywhere in the world.

We have years of experience and trusty partners

Prototyping paper versions of the application

We have years of proven experience in all ranges: small websites, large corporate websites and web applications for every need. Through these years, we've come across many useful partners (other agencies, developers, copywriters) we still work together with on a daily basis. Our network is still expanding.

We think great design is just as important

Good typography is key

We love good designs! But they're not the most important thing, as a kick-ass design alone is not enough for users to help find what they're looking for on your site. Still, we believe that aside from a conversion-optimized interface, a feast-for-the-eye design gives people even more reason to come back at you.

Partners -the people we work together with

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Contact us -you won't regret it

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Our whereabouts

Spankerstraat 3
2162 LT Lisse,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 614 022 676
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